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Avon, Indiana – On November 3rd, 2023, a baseball was thrown. The pitcher was Avon Junior Athletics Association board President John McDavid, who threw to Town of Avon Indiana Council President Robert Pope. This simple act was done to signify the official partnership between both organizations; in simplistic terms, it was their ribbon cutting. In 2022, AJAA came to the Town of Avon and began conversations about working together for the betterment of the community. The town was able to offer capital improvements to fields and additional staffing assistance, while AJAA brought 60 years of youth sports management and insight.   The partnership was like a ball falling into a leather glove; it was a perfect fit. 


Shelby Pride, Avon Parks and Recreation Director, shared, "Youth Sports are proven to improve mental health, promote teamwork, and bring fun and enjoyment to kids and their families. I look forward to the future of youth sports in Avon and how we can make an impact for years and generations to come with Avon Indiana Sports."


"Today is a historic moment for the community of Avon. AJAA has provided our youth with amazing sports programming for the past 60 years. The time has come to build upon that strong foundation by joining the town of Avon." shared Justin Thompson, the new Avon Indiana Sports Director, who previously served as the Executive Director for AJAA. "Our youth are our future, and by doing this, we are investing in them."


Achieving this was no small feat. This partnership shows that working together and using resources wisely allows the community to benefit greatly. With the Town Council's recent focus on creating #OneStrongCommunity, this opportunity fell entirely in line with their vision for continued responsible growth and services to the community. Robert Pope, Town of Avon Indiana Council President, stated, "I am very excited to be a part of carrying on 60 years of a wonderful sports program in our community from Avon Junior Athletics Association to (now) Avon Indiana Sports."


The transition will be happening over the next several months. The community will begin to see changes in social media and marketing elements. Staffing has already grown as well! We want to assure everyone that the program that the residents and families of Avon love will not be going anywhere. Changes to the website will commence in 2024. A core focus for all involved with this partnership is the continued focus on the athletes, volunteers, and families. You can stay updated with all new information about new sports, volunteer opportunities, and more online at


About the Town of Avon Indiana: Incorporated in 1995, the Town of Avon Indiana is located just west of Indianapolis, outside of 465.  With over 22,000 residents in Town, Avon continues to attract new and interesting businesses year over year.  Connecting the Hendricks County Courthouse to Indianapolis, Avon is a primary hub for all residents and professionals desiring a small-town community feel, yet still being close to important locations for growth.

“Avon is a safe, vibrant community for active families and thriving businesses.”

Parks and Recreation Director: Shelby Pride
Avon Indiana Sports Director: Justin Thompson
Town of Avon Council President: Robert Pope

Media Contact: Jared Wade, DTM, Communications Director • 317-272-0948 •

Link for Press Release Updates, PDFs, Photos, Videos and Graphics: ​Folder icon 20231107 - Avon Indiana Sports


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